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        • Governor General’s Academic Medal; Centennial Gold Medal recipients
          Recognizing excellence in academics and strong community involvement


        • 2020 Alumni Achievement Awards
          Nominees Amanda Hamilton and Mike Wenzlawe pay it forward


        • Bridge to Canadian nursing program expands
          Internationally educated nurses help bolster health care system


        • 'We're going to have to be brave'
          Alumna overcomes corruption to bring project to fruition


        • Conflict and long-term mental health effects may follow pandemic
          Faculty member shares tips on coping


        • Registration for fall Continuing Education programs open
          Advance your prospects, upgrade your skills or train for a new career


        Indigenous Strategic Plan community report

        Continued growth in Indigenous student enrolment highlighted

        Creating connections through music

        Conservatory students play distanced performances for local seniors


        Support students impacted by the COVID-19 crisis

        Your gift to the Emergency Student Bursary Fund will support MRU students during this time of uncertainty.


        Every student deserves a great prof

        Meet three Mount Royal University professors who are shaking things up to share their passion for teaching and their excitement for the learning process with their students, elevating the classroom experience and ensuring student success.


        Rooted in YYC

        Mount Royal grad grows local food and business